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      Firefox | Firefox Offline Installer for Android

      Cupunista.blogspot.com - Fast, smart and safe, the official Firefox for Android browser from Mozilla offers more ways than ever to make your mobile browsing experience uniquely yours. Firefox on Android is designed to provide a smoother web browsing experience on your phone.

      The browser has a resemblance to Firefox for Windows, but it has an interface suited for mobile devices. For instance, pages can be opened simultaneously in the form of tabs, which you access by tapping the number icon next to the address bar. It's an intuitive way to control multiple tabs without filling the screen.

      Like the desktop version, Firefox for Android also includes support for extensions, or Add-ons as they're known in this case.

      Download Firefox Offline Installer for Android here
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      Microsoft Office | Kingsoft office Offline Installer for android

      Cupunista.blogspot.com - Kingsoft Office for Android allows you to get your work done no matter where you are. You can CREATE,VIEW, EDIT and SAVE all documents used by Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Share made easy with the Email application that allows you to send documents as attachments, and to download and edit attachments.

      Kingsoft Office for Android is the only android mobile office with full-features FREE. It is currently the No.1 FREE Business App in the Google Play Market. Over 12 million people worldwide are using this mobile office app to edit, share, and collaborate on the go. It is widely used in various popular mobile phones like Samsung and HTC.

       Download Kingsoft office Offline Installer for android here

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      Could This Be The Cutest Animal Ever?

      CUPUNISTA - This species name is Axolotl, the Axolotl is one in every of the Mexican neotenous mole salamanders. These could appear like somewhat ordinary fish, however the fact is that they're terribly attention-grabbing to scientists as a result of they're ready to regenerate most of their body elements and conjointly as a result of breeding is sort of easy and that they have very giant embryos. The Axolotl, is commonly confused with waterdogs, however they're not constant species. The Axolotl, is typically regarding six to eighteen inches long after they area unit mature, tho' the common is true regarding 9 inches. TheAxolotl, are seen in four totally different colours, that area unit brown, black, pink, and albino, the 2 common varieties area unit the black and brown with the opposite two being mutants.

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      Beautiful Adult Coloring Pages Content

      As a largely non-verbal ways of coloring books have broad applications in the fields of education, where the target groups do not speak and understand, given the primary language of instruction or communication. Examples include the use of coloring books in Guatemala with the children learn to "Maya hieroglyphs and habits of the artist," and will transfer the production of dyes, books for children of agricultural workers on "the way through agricultural pesticides from work to home educate them.

      "Coloring books will also help students understand the concepts, they would not otherwise motivate interest since the 1980s, many publishers and educational coloring books for graduate studies in subjects such as anatomy and physiology produce where the color coding of many detailed drawings are used as an aid to learning. There is also a manual on good programming language called Fortran, called Fortran a coloring book, which is presented as a coloring book clip -in-cheek.

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      Why is #augustwish popular right now?

      CUPUNISTA - what's make August to be special for you,and what your wishes for this August ? , but before you answer my question,this is my list wish for august :

      1. More Closer to God
      2. Financial Up
      3. Having iTouch 4G 32 GB
      4. To get a job preferably in government
      5. To be a Wonderfull month of the year !!
      6. that it's better than July
      7. The end of the Violence & the Revolution in every country
      8. Taylor's new single would come out
      9. Meet LinkinPark

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      Best Kindle Collections

      CUPUNISTA - This days it's rare to seek out exhausting copies of books, they're quick being replaced by the new technologies be they CD ROMs or the expansion of code net copies. The kindle Wireless device permits folks to browse books where they\'re while not truly carrying the text of the book. in contrast to widespread belief the device isn't a pc, it operates noticeably sort of a cellular phone. it's wireless in nature and operates by itself. it\'s all the options necessary for reading books whereas on the move. If you already own a Kindle device and Kindle content, you'll transfer your existing content to a replacement Kindle device. transfer your books hold on in your Kindle Library on to your Kindle wirelessly through Archived things. you'll conjointly transfer personal documents, MP3s, or loud files from your pc to your Kindle device via USB. For more information read here


      Choose just the best basketball equipment

       MISTERSQUIDOO - Yes, if you want to play basketball, for the first is you must know what is basketball,how to choose the best ball, uniform, shoes, goggles and the other equipment about Basket ball, so for the fisrt you should know what is Basket ball and about choosing a ball, here we are :
      Is there is a kind of Basketball ball ? yes there is, There area unit indoor basketballs, outside basketballs, and ones created for each indoor and outside use. Spalding NBA Basketball There area unit balls made of animal skin, composite animal skin, or rubber. Some balls have a a lot of pebbled sympathize with higher grip whereas others feel slick initially and take longer to interrupt in. you'll purchase basketballs supported by a number  for more information read here = Choose just the best basketball equipment



      14 dari 100 top sites di indonesia ala Alexa.com

      Ada begitu banyak situs-situs yang sering dibuka oleh masyarakat indonesia, dan menurut alexa.com terhitung tanggal 12-11-2010 situs-situs yang paling hot dan top yang sering dipakai oleh masyarakat indonesia adalah situs-situs berikut ini.

      Berikut adalah daftar 14 top site yang paling sering dikunjungi dan mungkin anda adalah salahsatunya yang sering membuka/memanfaatkan situs ini :

      1. facebook
      2. Google.co.id
      3. Google
      4. Yahoo!
      5. Blogger.com
      6. Kaskus - Komunitas Indonesia
      7. WordPress.com
      8. Detik.com
      9. 4Shared.com
      10. Twitter
      11. Kompas.com
      12. DetikNews
      13. Wikipedia
      14. Vivanews
      .... Cupunista

      sumber : alexa.com


      Gambar X-Ray Rp11 Juta

      Sebuah gambar hasil x-ray dari Marilyn Monroe akan dijual sebagai barang dari bagian dari ikon film. Gambar x-ray itu dibuat di rumah sakit Libanon pada 1954. Kemudian akhirnya gambar tersebut digunakan oleh seorang dokter untuk mengajar.

      Diperkirakan oleh badan lelang Julien mencapai harga sekira 500-800 poundsterling atau sekira Rp7-11 juta. Lelang itu sendiri rencananya akan dilaksanakaan di Resor Planet Hollywood dan Kasino di Las Vegas pada Juni mendatang.


      BI-LPS Bahas Cash Back

      Bank Indonesia (BI) dan Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (LPS)
      akan duduk bersama terkait pemberian hadiah atau pengembalian sebagian dana simpanan (cash back) kepada nasabah sebagai komponen suku bunga dana. akan tetapi Sebelumnya, Ketua LPS Firdaus Djaelani mengatakan akan melakukan pengecekan terhadap beberapa dana nasabah Bank IFI yang meminta pengembalian dana yang ada.


      Opera Mini di App Store

      Opera mini yang penggunanya sudah lebih dari 50 juta pengguna diseluruh dunia kini tersedia dan dapat diunduh melalui iPhone dan iPod Touch dengan mengakses
      AppStore sebab telah disetujui oleh Apple untuk disematkan di iPhone dan iPod touch.
      Opera Mini memungkinkan browsing Web cepat pada ponsel dengan adanya kompresi data hingga 90 persen sebelum mengirim konten ke perangkat, sehingga meningkatkan pemuatan halaman Web secara signifikan. Pengguna app akan menyadari peningkatan akan kecepatan, terutama pada jaringan lambat seperti jaringan 2G Edge.
      selain itu Melayari Web dengan Opera Mini App pada iPhone dan iPod touch juga akan membantu pengguna untuk menghemat biaya, karena kemampuan kompresi datanya. Ini juga berlaku terutama untuk pengguna yang terkena biaya roaming.



      Para Pemenang

      Panasonic Awards adalah penghargaan tahunan bagi insan dan program televisi terfavorit di Indonesia berdasarkan jajak pendapat. Malam penganugrahan yang selalu dinanti-nantikan oleh para artis, aktor dan karakter seni lain yang berkecimpung dalam dunia pertelevisian di Indonesia dan Tahun 2010 ini merupakan
      PA yang ke-13,berikut adalah daftar Para Pemenangnya:

      Kategori MUSIC DAN VARIETY SHOW:Dahsyat
      Kategori ANAK-ANAK :Idola Cilik
      Kategori PENCARIAN BAKAT:The Master
      Kategori PELAWAK: Olga Syahputra
      Kategori OLAHRAGA: Djarum ISL
      Kategori INFOTAINMENT: Silet
      Kategori PRESENTER BERITA: Putra Nababan
      Kategori Presenter Olahraga: Darius sinathrya
      Kategori Presenter Infotainment: Feny rose
      Kategori Presenter Musik/variety Show: Olga saputra
      Kategori Presenter Kuis/Game Show Terfavorit: Choky Sitohang
      Kategori Aktor Terfavorit: Dude Harlino
      Kategori Aktris Terfavorit: Nikita Willy
      Kategori Drama Seri Terfavorit: CINTA FITRI
      Kategori FITUR: Griya Unik
      Kategori BERITA: Seputar Indonesia
      Kategori TALKSHOW HIBURAN: Bukan Empat Mata
      Kategori KUIS DAN GAME SHOW: Gong Show
      Kategori Talk Show Berita Favorit: Debat
      Kategori Program Komedi Favorit: Opera Van Java
      Kategori Presenter Talent Show Favorit: Okky lukman
      Kategori Presenter Reality Show: Uya Kuya


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